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Why Diabetic Foot Pain is A Signal You Cannot Ignore

Posted Aug 06 2010 7:00am
y Scott V Schofield

Diabetic Foot Pain is one the most distressing diabetic feet Why Diabetic Foot Pain is A Signal You Cannot Ignore complications of Diabetes Mellitus – mainly because of what it may ultimately lead to. If you have no idea what I mean, visit Google Search, click “images” and then type in “diabetes foot infection” and hit go! (Oh, by the way, don’t do this while eating your dinner.)

Competent Diabetes Management is very important
Apart from diabetic foot problems, there are many other diabetes complications, and all can bring to a wide range of diseases. Raised blood glucose levels can trigger damage to the nerve-endings (neuropathy), kidneys, eyes and blood vessels.

Happily, many of these problems will happen slowly and over a long period of time, with the strong possibility of successful medical intervention bringing a long term reversal of the problem. However, if efficient diabetes management is not available, impairment of the immune system is very likely, bringing organ damage and leaving the body unable to combat even the mildest of infections.

Diabetic Foot Problems can quickly get worse
This takes us back to our diabetic foot pain and eventual actual diabetic foot problems. Never forget – diabetic foot pain is no more than an early pointer to a wider range of diabetic foot problems, and even those initially minor foot problems can quickly become very serious. This is because a diabetes sufferer almost certainly has severely restricted circulation, and because of this, feet infections will be extremely difficult to treat.

An Impaired Immune System in Diabetes Sufferers is Common
Diabetes may also cause a dangerously weakened immune system, leading to problems fighting even small infections and small wounds mending. If diabetes has also damaged the nervous system (diabetic neuropathy), again this is first seen in the feet. Some sufferers may not even be able to properly feel their own feet.

Other problems include a restriction of sweat or oil production that is necessary to lubricate the skin of the foot. This may lead to unusual pressure on the skin, bones, and joints of the feet, and that pressure is may not be felt by the sufferer. This may lead to a total breakdown of the skin of the foot, and diabetic ulcers can eventually develop. If not promptly and properly treated – bacterial infection can ultimately develop into gangrene.

The Results of Poor or No Circulation
Even when the immune system is not weakened, there is another complication which particularly affects the diabetic foot. Poor circulation in the legs and feet leads to antibiotics not being able to find their way to the location of an infection. In extreme cases this can mean that eventually the only effective solution is the total amputation of a foot or leg. And if the infection should spread, and then it reaches the bloodstream, this can cause many life-threatening problems.

So What Can I Myself Do to Beat Diabetes?
Well, the “mainstream” medical world – that’s registered medical doctors and the giant pharmaceutical companies, will tell you that there is no cure for diabetes, (but they will still expect you to pay their enormous bills for their failed help!). But there really are things that you can do for yourself, and many of these possibilities are described in articles on my web site (see below)

One Man’s Solution – His Own Total and Permanentl Cure For His Diabetes
I recently learned of a man who has developed his own cure for diabetes. He’s written it up into a book and that book is now available as a downloadable ebook. His “cure for diabetes” system is entirely “natural” as well as apparently being effective. If you would like to learn about his system, and how it may help you too, you’ll find links in the next paragraph of this article

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