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Why am I coughing up phlegm and wheezing?

Posted by Thao

I've been coughing for 4 months now.  My phlegm in the morning is brown and turns from yellow to clear as I continue spitting up.  I'm also wheezing which sounds like a light snore or a humming noise.  I don't have any chest pains or shortage of breathe although my chest can feel heavy at times from the phlegm buid up until I spit it out., but it seems to never end.  Sometimes it'll skip a day or two, but the cough and phlegm always comes back.  I've tried all types of cough medicines as well as Munciex, but nothing seems to help.  I don't think I have asthma or broncitis so i'm just wondering what type of lung infection I may have and is it serious.
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