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when treating sciatica with deep tissue massage,what would cause one of the ankles to swell instantly

Posted by jackie

He is a 67 year old male who has had a previous broken back,and fractured neck on two different occassions,approximately 46 years ago.

He has been diagnosed with a rather large anyuerism,which sits just around the kidney region, and degenerative osteo arthritis.He suffers severe neck, and back structual pain,and leg, and feet muscular pain.Particularly the calf muscle area.

sciatica began 2 weeks ago,so I gave him a deep tissue treatment direct to the sciatic nerve yesterday, only minutes after applying pressure to the nerve and muscle region, his left ankle began to swell,mostly towards the back of ankle in the achillles region.

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I would not treat someone who has an anyeurism of any kind with massage.  Massage can circulate blood and release tissues enough to move any clotting into organs, worst case scenario the brain.  It sounds like circulation to his lower legs and feet is very poor and would  possibly benefit from gentler forms of massage like cranio sacral or maybe acupuncture with someone very experienced.  I'm a fan of deep tissue but it is not for all.
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