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What is causing all these muscle cramps I am getting in my right foot and leg and my left side at the rib cage?

Posted by wv1031

It's sometimes start when I'm on my feet for very long but most of the time starts at night. First the right foot on top then the muscles in my right leg start twisting till my right foot is pointed outwards. I go to get up to massage it or walk and that's most of the time when the stupid left side gets it's muscle pain. Sometimes it just happens on the left side when I'm laying down. I very very seldom eat fried foods, I mostly bake or broil my foods or sometimes microwave. I walk my dog several times a day and jog a little or what I call jogging. I drink lots of fluids. I'm active as I can be considering I've had two back operations and have metal and screws in it. Normally I wouldn't be concerned but it's happening more frequently.

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This could be many things. Try taking potassium to help with the cramping see if that helps. Drink lots of water . If the potassium helps then start eating foods with a lot of potassium on a regular basis. If not you may need to be checked for some type of arthritis. Hope this helps.
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