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What injury did I suffer falling on my ribs?

Posted by BryGuy

Hello... I fell on an icy parking lot last Sunday, and fell and twisted onto my right side, where I landed on top of the laptop bag I was carrying, impacting hard with my rib cage.  It knocked the wind out of me for a few minutes, and when I got up I was sore around the right side of the rib cage.  I figured there was not much that could be done but suck it up and deal with bruised ribs, but over this past weekend, the pain in my abdominal area got MUCH worse, centered on two areas - in front, at the bottom of my rib cage area (which is kind of numb), and in the back, almost straight through my body from the point in front, like a pole sticking in my back below my right shoulder blade.  Tylenol did little to alleviate the discomfort, and even some hydrocontin has barely allowed me to be able to sleep without the constant throbbing.  What have I done, and what should I do to fix it? 

Thank you for your assistance!!!

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Probably you should have it examined by a doctor, from what I glean reading the article below:

Best wishes!
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