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What does this mean on my Final CBC lab results "high wbc, high rdw, high anc"?

Posted by eajoseph

I am so lost and frustrated.  My doctors ignore everything and tell me nothing.  I'm in the process of dumping all of them and finding somebody that will care enough to help me.  Part of the lab work my oncologist ordered came back as wbc high, rdw high, and anc high.  Additional labwork ordered by my primary (they didn't have the oncologist report) positive for ANA screen, ANA titer negative, Rheumatiod factor positive, calculated osmolality low.

 Is this anything to worry about?  I do not trust any of my doctors right now.  Lots of reasons, too lengthy to go into right now.  Any advice would be welcomed.  I'm trying to get an appointment to go to John Hopkins in Maryland.


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I went through close to the same thing, in honesty they are looking for Leukemia, but please don't get upset because I could be WRONG, and there are different types and levels of leukemia, if caught in time it can be very managable. The Rheumatoid factor means it is likely you have Rheumatoid Arthritis, but RA factor will have to be repeated a couple of times to make sure it isn't a false positive. I am NOT a doctor or nurse, just someone who has been there, bone marrow biopsies are the worst, personally would rather go through labor again rather than that. I WISH YOU THE BEST, BE POSITIVE NO MATTER WHAT, AND TRUST YOUR GUT. GOOD LUCK, GOD BLESS.
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