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what does tenderness in the solar plexus area which speads out under breasts seems surface but throwing whole internal body in s

Posted by jazzmar

in select category I would have needed a 'others' choice. For none of the given option are appropriate. As I described above I have this ongoing pain (few days without any relief) in teh solar plexus area. It seems to be surface (just under the skin) but somehow at the same time I am feeling severe pain all over in my body (not the legs and arms). It is a pain that I can easily find the source. I thought at first I was getting gas, took over the counter charcocaps which always works with me when that's truly the problem. But it hasn't helped. I thought it could be my kidneys but I have no way to tell. All I know is it all came about (the pain in my body from low front and back to up just at the breast level) at the same time that I started to feel the pain in the solar plexus area. Thank you in advance for your reply
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