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What do you think of wine Tannin's?

Posted by Goldfeather

I've had a headache since 1989 from a brain anueryism (sp)that was removed in 1990.I have been on every pain med and nothing has helped.Then one day I had some dark red wine and low and behold my headache was gone. I have tried pot, beer, and other alcoholic beverages,but, only burgundy has helped. It doesn't have to be much 3 glasses max. not your regular wine glass size mind you,but, not huge in excess until I tried pot with the wine then the problems began. Not just a hit of weed but maybe a bit more. I reverted back to beer to test to see of that would help and nothing, yeah got a buzz,but still have the Fu*king headache. I think the tannin's have something to do with the relief I've had for the past year until the test was stopped. I have tried herbal capsules of all kinds, just about every pain med available. I'm not a drug addict  and am very careful to follow the Dr.'s directions.  I just want to know what you think and what you know, what test's have been conducted on wine tannin's. Hell, if the dark wine tannin's help and they can put it in a tablet I would be a happy camper. Right now the pain Sucks and the Headache is imbearable. I was conducting a test of my own and have found that mixing of pot and wine is not good, and that beer does nothing. I was doing my own test to see what would help. In desperation a person does what they have to and to get rid of this pain, I am desperate. I do have to admit thought that I do enjoy the buzz of the wine more than the pain meds, at least it makes me happy and pain free. I Never,Never drink and drive, If I even take a sip, that's it I'm home for the day and better have all my cigs at home.
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