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What could my severe abdominal pain be?

Posted by Penny V. Facebook

Hey there,

Okay So I have have a severe adominal pain on my right side near my belly button patruding from the front to my back it basically feels like a metal rod in the same position its like a burning stabbing pain. I have had this pain for over a year now and just keeps getting worse to the point of it affecting everyday life, walking, climbing stairs and especially sexual intercourse. I have seen a gynocologist and had key hole surgery to check all my female parts like ovaries, endometriosis, appendix and so on and all seems normal i have also had blood tests and urinal tests checking for infections, athiritus all my normal things checked like iron, sugars and so forth and all seems normal. I have also had 2 ultrasounds done in the last year checking for kidney stones, gallbladder stones appendix bladder kidneys, and so on and all seems normal. Im severely stressed as its affecting everyday life and how I live more importantly my relationship. The only thing I haven't been checked on is my bowel but as I am on a category 2 waiting list at the hospital waiting to see a surgical doctor to put forward a colonoscopy. I am just wanting to know if there are any ideas to what this pain could be. Its very sensitive to touch the area where pain is mainly coming from. I am always very tired and my weight keeps fluctuating. Im always bloated and it looks like I am pregnant but I have been tested non stop with pregnancy tests blood tests and urinal tests and all say negative. I am very clueless to what it could be.

 Kind Regards, Penny 

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