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WHAT could cause sore wrists but not appear on an x-ray or ultrasound?

Posted by padswaggle

two years ago I had a sore wrist, I don't know how it happened, but after about 3 days it healed. Unfortunately on day 3 I had first aid training to do; and this required me to demonstrate CPR... hence I hurt my wrist again.

This time it did not get better for 3 months. After about a month, I went to the doctor and he sent me to get X-rays and Ultrasounds done. At the specialists clinic they informed me that I had been there 10 years prior (at 14 years old) with the same complaint! All the tests came back clear, and this seemed to be 'swept under the rug' and eventually my wrists healed and so I didn't bother.

I should mention that neither of my ankles nor any of my fingers, elbows or any other joint hurt. But at its worst I could not support a 1L milk carton without my wrists 'giving way'. I would have to climb into and out of bed on my elbows!

Lately, I have been suffering with random wrist soreness again -and this time my ankles have become involved. The pain is a nuisance, and not a BIG bother but at 26years old, what could possibly be the cause? often I will climb out of bed in the morning, and the moment I put weight on my ankles, one gives. Usually my right ankle. If that happens, I have to put on a support band and it takes days to heal. My wrists I still can't figure out the cause... I play guitar and keyboard and it is definitely NOT linked to either of theese nor to typing on the computer or using the mouse because if it were I would notice a pain during or at least after use and this pain comes and goes spontaneously, lasting only days and sometimes months between.


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