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What could cause me to still be in severe wrist/hand pain nearly 2 1/2 years post bilateral Carpal Tunnel surgery?

Posted by DanaNOTScully

I've suffered from severe pain in my wrists and hands following open bilateral carpal tunnel release and bilat. trigger finger release surgeries (at the same time)  in 11/2006.  

I did not have this level of pain and disability *before* the surgeries.

The pain gets worse with use and a little better with rest.  A month after the surgery I had a few weeks of occupational therapy but never got to the level I was told I should have even been close to due to my severe level of pain. 


The most severe pain is in my wrists (not incision sites, the entire wrist) but I also have terrible pain in my hands, especially when my thumbs are involved in an attempted activity (like using a spigot, trying to hold a bowl or even just a newspaper). 

Things I can no longer do without pain include driving a car (the tighter/smaller my grip on the wheel the worse the pain gets -- I use a wheel cover to assist), trying to lift anything heavier than a few ounces, making the bed, holding a newspaper for more than a few seconds (fingers and thumb together increase pain), hold objects for more than a few minutes (thumb involvement especially), work TV remote.


I have hardly been able to work since the surgery (2 1/2 hours total worked last year).

The Nerve Conduction test in March revealed I have mild CTS again (don't know how since I haven't been able to DO anything to cause it to recurr).

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