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What could be spasms in my lowere abdomen and lower back, groin, one side of buttox and in upper front side of legs into knees?

Posted by moonstrucklightning

I am very young to have a colon prolapse, but I do, I put the surgery off do to being scared and not having insurance. Several days ago I went on a 30 mile bike ride, which I never do. I was extremely stressed and depressed before , during, and after. The next evening by like 7pm, I started having extreme spasms of pain in my left abdomen down into my front side of my leg to my knee. I thought maybe it was from messing up on my BC pills, but never had cramps only on one side. I drank beers and tried to fight it all night, as it grew worse. I had to nonstop move in different positions. I then realized this was somethinbg greater then what I thought it was and got back to town from another town where I was visiting a friend and was rushed to the hospital.I kept being dismissed but having to come back,because the pain was getting even more severe. They ran multiple blood tests, urine tests, and they did an ultrasound and ct scan. They said they found inflammed lymphes around my appendix and that I have a urinary tract infection, but I had so many symptoms they didn't have time to pinpoint everything. I was wondering if I might have ("piriformis")? I don't know how wide a range of possibilities there could be, but I'd appreciate your input.
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