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What can be done about a chronic pain in the side of my chest, just under my heart whenever I breath sometimes?

Posted by raiivay

I've been having a sharp pain develop sometimes in the upper part of my ribs, to the side; I've had two chest x-rays, a dye test to test for heart blockages, and blood work done, but everything's came back positive. I am overweight, had slightly high blood pressure, and slightly high sugar (but not diabetic). I do not eat unhealthy; I do not fry foods or use oil on a constant basis (read: very few dishes), nor do I add salt to my dishes. The only thing I physically lack is a constant source of exercise, but due to the cold weather I have been unable to do so. Any idea what's going on? Every time it happens, I start to panic and immediately begin to think I'm having chest pains, heart pains, etc..
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I do have the permission to exercise from my doctor, but with an incredibly hetic work schedule and the added weight of classes this semester, my exercise time is somewhat limited. It's getting easier, but I've always heard that exercising outside, when out of shape, in the extreme cold is more taxing on your body than anything, so I tend not to take the extra risks and walk like I want to right now, and just be content with in-home exercises.

 I've always been a heavy person; it runs on both sides of my family, and I make really poor food choices sometimes, but I've never been an unhealthy eater (well, outside of my food choices sometimes). I feel incredibly lucky that it wasn't something more serious as there is a small history of heart problems within my family (micro-valve prolapse only). Still, the need to shed this extra weight and get into shape is very present since I'm not as young as I used to be and fastly approaching 30.

Thank you for your advice, Dr. Judy. I do have an appointment with my physican in February, and I'll discuss what we talked about with him. Again, thank you.

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