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What can a person do to stop painful muscle spasms after a whipple Surgery ?

Posted by dwbeverlin

My wife is 50 years old and had a whipple surgery on 3/20/08 at USF Health/Tampa General Hospital Florida. The surgeon found pre-cancer in the pancreas plus the end was liquidified and approximately 1/3 of the pancreas was removed during the surgery. The stomach and intestines were also relocated. She was put on CREON 10 and Pain Med's and tested for diabetes, She does not have diabetes however, as time has gone by she developed a new problem - painful muscle spasms around the incusion that radiates in waves all around her abdomen. I can watch as the incusion goes up and down in conjunction with the wave.

A trip back to the surgeon brought no real solution as his only observation was the she was swalling air and the air must be producing gas. While plausible it does not address the increase in frequency nor the prolonged duration of the event. She is careful with her diet & activities limiting them to prevent these outbreaks.

Any suggestions would be welcome - She did have her Gall Ballder removed in 2000 and a ERCP to open a pathway(drain)  to her bile duct in January 2008.

Sincerely,  David W. Beverlin

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