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what are the long term prognosis of a fibula and tibia break just below the knee that requied surgical repair. My injusry happen

Posted by maria98335

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I am not a doc, but i can tell u from experience..i broke right tib when i was 14 playing football and over the years i have notice. my right leg has shortend my millimeters due to the foot turning slight very slightly inward. i had to get cortisone shots in the same foot due to platar fascitis and arthritis in the ankle. I consistently have to go get a pedicure to have a callus remove from my right heel! lol.. last 3 mos i have notice foot stiffness and i  have alwasys had fluid build up around the break area. so when i wear socks all day i can see the sock lines in that leg!!!. my knee is sore and my hip and butt bone is sore lately.. It was told by my podiatrist that sicne i broke it  it healed funny so know m mechanics are off so that whey so man issues...
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