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Weeding My Thoughts to Plant New Seeds

Posted Jul 21 2008 10:10am
It is wonderful (yet I'll admit a little scary) for me to be able to share something that I have considered so intimate for so long with my readers -- my poetry writing. I have posted 2 other poems on my blog; My "Happy Birthday Poem to Aaron Potts" of "Today is That Day" and the Dual Purpose Meme I Wrote "Jenny from A-Z -- 26 Things you Did Not Know About Me". The next poem is a little more serious and the idea came to me from a dream that I actually remembered (a rarity). I love gardening and working on my self-talk so this poem is a good reminder for me to keep on weeding! I hope you enjoy it and I welcome comments.

Weeding My Thoughts to Plant New Seeds

By Jennifer Mannion 07/08

I am weeding through

my thoughts

negativeself talk

ugly words

that spread

as many weeds have


plot of dirt.

The big ones

come away easily

though tiring nonetheless.

It isthese little ones

peeking out

now you seethem

now you don’t

depending onthesun


thewaythewind is blowing

that day.

I take hold

and pull

fully aware

and present.

They do come out

with effort.

I feel relief

attheir release.

Time to plant

good thoughts


to replace

thebarren dirt

turned up soil

theresult of

weeds removed.

Just seeds at first

but I seethepicture

ontheseed package.

I knowthey will ultimately

be exquisite.

I can visualize

in my mind’s eye


to come

from deep inside.

The Universe provides

allthedaily nutrients.

I expressgratitude


The sun, water

air needed for survival

so fresh

given abundantly.

I am patient


as I wait for

new growth.


yet still pulling weeds.

Daily upkeep is necessary

to prevent

theweeds from threatening

impending beauty and

further development.

Finally I can see

they are coming

slowly it seems

at first.

Then suddenly

sprouting faster

than I could have imagined.

The absolute beauty of


burst into life

colors, smells

everything feels new

when you look at

existence this way.

I feeltheflowers

and myself


with aliveness.

I enjoy


while understanding

there is still

work to be done.


so new growth

can continue.

I give thanks

when I reflect on


The pure energy

and thrill I get

every time

I envision

theold weedy plot

and how far

it has come.

Since I am cognizant


they come less often.

There is less upkeep.

Growth will continue

as long as I am present, thankful.

How could I not be?

Change is

incredibly inspiring.

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