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Water Aerobics

Posted Mar 01 2011 10:19pm

 I was diagnosed a few months ago with chronic reagonal pain syndrome. I have had chronic pain since I was 17. No one knew the cause, and certainly didn't try to help me. I was finally able to see a neaurologist a year ago. She sent me to my current doctor. I'm on way more meds that I want to be on, and none of the treatments have helped thus far. I have decided I need to get off my butt and do something about it.  

  So.. a friend and I started water aerobics two weeks ago. I was nervous and scared to go by myself. Thank God I found a friend. The first day was a bit nerve racking. We went to the 9:00am class, and it was all elderly men and women. They stared at us as we entered the pool area. The instructor was very nice, and seemed very happy that we were there to join the class. At first it was a little hard to figure out the things we were suppose to be doing, but she helped up. We loved it! We go three days a week, for an hour. We started going to the 10:30 class. There's only a few women in that one, and no men. Everyone is so nice. I finally noticed yesterday that some of the excercises are easier! I'm very excited to see how I feel a few months from now. I am a little sore the day after, so I'm trying not to push myself any harder. But I can finally get some exercise without all the pain.  I hope we can keep this up for a long time. It makes me feel better emotionally as well as physically. I finally feel like I am acomplishing something. I can't wait til tomorrow!

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