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Wasting Time on YouTube again

Posted Sep 03 2009 5:15pm

I realize that people go on YouTube hoping to someone will offer them tv deals or movie contracts. They want to be taken seriously as "journalists" and so have lots of advice and "research" to offer (of course, a lot of times, like the lady with FM, they’re just hoping we’ll buy their scams), but honestly.

I’ve run into a couple of different videos today that should have made the producers feel ashamed of themselves. One of them was of Maia Campbell supposedly going beserk because of her drug dependency. Another was someone “interviewing” supposed strangers to prove a point about health care reform. Both videos were a little less than stellar and neither of them made the producers look good, though the second video was at least in good faith.

I’d like to see more funny and/or informative people taking control of YouTube—with the less-than-stellar ones shoved to the bottom of the heap. I hate to see someone with a little bit of Twitter influence take making some nonsense that just happened to go viral. Like the lady I spoke of before with her imaginary FMS, these guys should stick to written commentary and let the real videographers have all the fun.


/end rant

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