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Wake Up, The Film – A Review

Posted Nov 11 2010 4:16pm

What would YOU do if one day you began to see angels, auras, energy, feel people’s emotions and hear the thoughts of those around you?  What if life as you knew it suddenly changed in an instant and your reality was forever altered? “ Wake Up ” is Jonas Elrod’s true journey to understand WHY he could suddenly see these things and what it all meant.  “ Wake Up ” is touching and eye opening. I feel it will help many others begin to understand that the reality we see is NOT necessarily the only reality that exists.

Please watch the trailer here for this amazing film and read the review below:

Jonas’s “opening” happens shortly before a traumatic event that will change life as he knows it.  He was given this “gift/curse” (as he calls it) to “see” right before someone he loved dearly was taken away. The beginning of the movie we follow Jonas to doctors, psychologists and to his parents to KNOW and get a feel for him.  We are shown glimpses of his very close relationship with his girlfriend Mara and how this is affecting them.  The film makes the point of having you get a feel of Jonas as a person.  After the film had done its background work I certainly did not believe Jonas crazy, on drugs or medically impaired. I liked him and Mara and wanted to follow him on his journey to understand more.

When it is medically proven Jonas is clearly NOT suffering from any medical condition and that he is indeed sane he begins a spiritual quest to find out what is going on.  We go with Jonas to visit healers, scientists, a Buddhist Center, A Sufi Mystic, Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment and also to his vision quest which included sweat lodges.  The journey is fascinating and amazing as we are shown we are NOT alone by any means and we are certainly not as limited as we have believed.  There is talk of consciousness, spirits in the afterlife and awakening and what that all has to do with the life we are living now.

There are many amazing teachers and scientists featured in this movie. I know I gained some amazing resources and A-HA moments watching this film. I enjoyed learning about JZ Knight’s “Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment” and the experiences they give to people to have them awaken into a deeper state of consciousness.  Blindfolded archery was just one.  I liked JZ Knight’s quoting Jesus from the Bible:

"The Kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known... what I can do, you can do much greater"

The school teaches you to expand your consciousness and access parts of the brain you did not know how to utilize before.  When you begin to tap into that unlimited-ness of being you awaken. Knowing our unlimited power we truly can create our reality and live the life of our dreams.What inspiring messages! :-)

Beautiful quotes and thoughts from scientists and deep thinkers were found throughout.  Some of my favorites;

“Who wants to be woken up?  Because the real experience is just this complete shift in consciousness and it’s terrifying.  Because suddenly the parameters of your world change. The known world is no longer the known world.”  Later,… “You take the journey from the ego self to ones divine nature… enlightenment.” by Sufi Mystic

“We’re all connected by energy. Not just the energy from the cosmos.  Interconnected with the energy we ourselves generate.   One of the reasons psychics can receive information is because they have turned on their receivers – their antennas are pointed in the right direction. But the implication is that the information is always there.  Just because you don’t have your television set turned on does not mean your television signal is not there”. – Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D., is Professor of Psychology, Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry, and Surgery at the University of Arizona

“Whatever this thing is I have you can really see..there’s kind of a physical connection – it is like a strong connection holding everyone and everything together..from people to me, to plants and animals… like a big spiderweb.. so it makes you consider your actions and your thoughts and try to change.” – by Jonas Elrod

Jonas also shows us information about some experiments that proved the power of consciousness on an individual and global level.  The Global Consciousness Project at Princeton University run in part by Roger Nelson, Ph.D., experimental psychologist presented AMAZING information. These studies show that if a bunch of people from around the world think or feel the same way at the same time (through a happy or unhappy event) they indeed can change reality. Powerful stuff leaving you wanting to know more!

The movie takes you to many amazing places and it is a pleasure to be experiencing Jonas’ emotions and journey. There are many informative moments.  There are also tender moments. Many times you want to pause the movie and digest what you just heard.  I am happy I got to witness a bit of Jonas’ voyage and I feel many others would benefit from watching it too.

Please visit their site to find out more, order the film or watch online .  “ Wake Up ” is an important film for our time and the shift going on.  I am happy Jonas was brave enough to tell his story and take us along with him.  As always, I love comments. :-)

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