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Vision Boards

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:03pm

The first time I heard of a Vision Board was in the movie "The Secret". A Vision Board is a collage filled with images, words and phrases with what you are hoping to be, achieve and have. It goes along with The Law of Attraction in that in order to manifest your desires you should have a clear picture of the goals in your mind. The thought being if you have your vision board somewhere you can see it every day those things will be ingrained (consciously and subconsciously) and you will manifest them.

Thanks to Edward Mills from Evolving Times and his " Vision Board Invitational " I made a vision board this weekend. After cross country skiing with my girlfriends they came back to my house and the 4 of us, my son and my friend Angela's son sat down and made really great vision boards. My daughter (4 1/2) started making one but Michael Jackson's "Thriller" came on and dancing to that seemed to be her priority! ; ) We had a fun time doing it and I highly recommend it as a way to focus on setting goals. It is fun to do as a group because as you are looking through magazines you see pictures and words that might be good for someone else. Also the energy is GREAT when you have a few people all focusing on goals and what GOOD THINGS are in the future.

Before sitting down to do the vision board I did some research online. Besides the Edward Mill's post on vision boards which is great I found Christine Kane's post , " How to Make a Vision Board " that tells of 3 different kinds you can make. You don't need many supplies and you WILL feel GREAT after completing one!

I chose to make a vision board tha t focus's on 3 of my main intentions for the year. Success financially by means of my invention being licensed which in turn will lead to more vacations, time with family and home improvements. I also chose a lot of words and phrases that resonated as to WHO I want to be. I chose images that I associate with success and what I intend to do when the money starts pouring in. ; ) Oprah is my hero in that as MUCH as she does (TV, radio, magazines, etc.) she stays real to who she is and is always helping people. For me that is what success is all about. You find your passions, find creative ways to make money doing what you love and then give back and inspire others. I can't think of anything better than that! Yes, blue drinks by a pool with my family sounds awesome as well. But it is so important not to just spend and enjoy your wealth for your own well being but to spread it around and help others.

I had such a great time with this project. I see doing this yearly as a way to keep on track with my goals and to keep setting intentions. Thank you Edward Mills for inspiring me to take action and spend the time making a vision board with my family and friends. Edward is offering prizes for the Vision Board Invitational -- all you need to do is go to Evolving Times to find out more and submit your vision board before January 14, 2008.

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