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Validity of the TMJ Scale in Post Traumatic Headache Patients-A Research Study

Posted Mar 14 2011 1:22am

The TMJ Scale is a psychometically derived clinical tool used to detect and measure head and facial pain and others symptoms associated with temporomadibular joint disorders.  The following study was one attempt to investigate the validity of this test in post-traumatic headache patients. 

Chibnall JT, Duckro PN, Greenberg MS. Evidence for Construct Validity of the TMJ Scale in a Sample of Chronic Post-Traumatic Headache Patients. Jour of Craniomandib Practice, 12(3):184-189, 1994.

The construct validity of the TMJScale was examined in a sample of chronic post-traumatic headache patients. Clinical indicators of temporomandibular (TM) dysfunction and measures of psychosocial distress were compared with relevant scales of the TMJScale. The clinical indicators were first subjected to principal components analysis. The resulting factor scores correlated significantly with selected physical domain scales of the TMJScale. The factor scores also significantly predicted the TMJ Global Scale in a regression analysis. Selected psychosocial domain scales of the TMJScale correlated strongly with measures of depression and anger and a clinical diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder. The results support the validity of the TMJScale and demonstrates its utility with post-traumatic headache patients.

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