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Truth About Luci – A book about Surviving and Healing from Domestic Violence

Posted Oct 06 2010 9:03am

The following is a guest post from a wonderful person and friend.  She has survived some horrific circumstances including domestic abuse.  She has not only survived but healed and is now sharing her story in hopes it will help others.  Please give her a warm welcome. The book shares not only about abuse but about living and processing psychic gifts.  It is a book not to be missed.  Please leave any comments below. Thank you.

From V.K. Lindsey:

Sometimes life throws us the very worst it has to offer. It did for me. From the age of 5 to until the age of 20, I endured what most people only imagine in their worst nightmares. From severe abuse at the hands of my parents, to rape, to watching my best friend’s murder, I went through the figurative “wringer”. It took years of therapy and medication for me to be able to cope with all that I had been through. Yet I still felt an empty spot, like there was something that needed to be fulfilled.

It was the 13th anniversary of Tess’s murder. I felt like I HAD to do something to honor her memory. I recalled that she used to love reading the short stories I wrote, so I decided to write one especially for her. I wrote HER story: the story of her murder and what took place afterward. To my utter surprise, it was tremendously healing for me. So, I kept writing. The next thing I knew, the little story of Tess, had become part of a book about my life! I never imagined when I wrote it that I would publish it, or that one day I would speak out publicly against domestic violence. Yet here I am. And the response has been overwhelming.

People I’ve never even met are sending me e-mails with loving thoughts for healing and blessings. It’s very touching to say the least! I can’t even begin to say how grateful I am to each and every one of them or to tell them how much of an impact they have made on my life. Their words of encouragement and love have forever changed the course of my life. I’m doing things now, that I never imagined myself doing. And I’m a different person now, than I ever imagined I would be. I am stronger, and more together now than I ever have been before in my life.

I won’t hide in the shadows keeping my secrets to myself anymore. I won’t pretend that nothing happened and shove it aside. I am a survivor. And I am NOT afraid to talk about it anymore. I am NOT alone anymore. And I am at peace. And if I, Little ol’ me, can survive the things I did and be OK, then anyone can survive! A wise teacher once told me that the first rule of survival is wanting to. How true that is! All you have to do is want to, the rest will fall into place. You just have to make it happen. And that’s what I want to do. I want to help people take that first little step toward healing. Because that’s all it takes: just one step. The Universe, or God or whatever you call it, will do the rest. Everything happens for a reason. If you’re reading this right now, there’s a reason for it. You might not know what it is today, or even tomorrow. But someday, you will know and it will make sense. Believe it.

Imagine eating bugs to get away from a horrid situation or watching helplessly as your best friend is murdered right in front of you. One woman did and survived to tell about it. A riveting story of survival and the triumph of the human spirit, “The Truth About Luci” gives us an inside glimpse into the world of V.K. Lindsey. She speaks candidly about the many horrors she faced growing up and how she was able to forge ahead and eventually free herself from the nightmarish situations she was in.

But there’s more to the story than just abuse, tragedy and murder. “Luci” also suffered from disturbing premonitions which haunted her throughout her childhood. In an inside glimpse of childhood ESP, V.K. Lindsey describes the processes she went through as a child having to cope with her unusual skill and the impact it had on both she and her family.

The Truth About Luci ” Is a must-read for anyone who has ever experienced Domestic Violence either personally or professionally or who is curious about premonitions.

AUTHOR BIO: V.K. Lindsey

V.K. Lindsey is the author of “ The Truth About Luci –Based on a True Story ”. The book was published in September, 2010 and so far has garnered some positive press. She is speaking out publicly against domestic violence and has several events scheduled in the near future. V.K. Lindsey is the author of an on-line newsletter and is currently writing two books. She enjoys camping, hiking and quilting and spending time with family and friends.

Thank you so much for this guest post.  Please leave any comments you may have. :-)   I am so grateful to have read this book and to have such an amazing friend!  You can find it on in hardcover, paperback or as an ebook ready for download.

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