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Transform the Root Cause of Your Pain...

Posted Jan 27 2010 4:48pm

Can a simple maneuver by healthy vertebrate animals show us the way out of chronic pain?

Chipmunk Pandiculating

When you see your pet, okay, not your typical pet, but maybe... When you see your pet or critter stretch does it make you wonder why they are always doing it?

What good does it?  For starters, they are Not Stretching.  I know what it looks like but that's only half the picture.  The other half is what happens when they let go of this or any pose or stretching that you may think you are watching.

Confused?  Let me give you some straight talk.  The act of stretching as we observe it is actually called a pandiculation and rather than stretching, healthy vertebrate animals contract themselves and then follow it with a slow release.

This act of the entire process, lets them reset the resting levels of their muscles via some cortical pathways which relax their shortened muscles.

In other words, an animal feels where it is short, then shortens itself although it looks like a stretch.  When muscles contract, they shorten... in the case above, the chipmunk is contracting its spine and afterwards it slowly releases itself.

This act was termed by Thomas Hanna, the author of Somatics, as the pandicular response.  What happens is... your brain will reset the resting levels of your muscles and chemically bathe you in relaxation.

Relaxed muscles are less likely to be stressed out and be in pain or discomfort.

Did you ever wonder why animals can move so easily and agilely and remain in balance?  What is their training secret?  What gyms do they hang out at?

They just go right to the heart of the matter by cortically resetting their muscles so they can move easily and as effortlessly as possible.

Well, if not a chipmunk, then I know squirrels do since I saw one fall out of a tree and hit the ground.  I watched for some length of time as this animal self-corrected itself with a series of manuevers... which at the time I was undergoing my training in Hanna Somatic Education® appeared to be precisely what I was learning...

Simple, easy, gentle movements with a precise awareness... or as much as one could be aware of... which leads the brain to relax tightened, stiff, overly protecting muscles resulting in freer movement and abilities.

I had successfully overcome my Fibromyalgia and was now learning how to help people learn and re-learn how to move effectively using the brain, not braun to achieve pain free movement.

Stretching as most of us were taught actually weakens muscles according to the latest research... but.. if you were to engage in the act of a pandiculation, you can actually reset yourself just like you did when you were in your mother's womb.

Baby in womb

Yes, you were already engaging yourself in your mother's womb and thereafter waking up "stretching" in the morning... or so you thought.   

This very act continues if you are healthy... when you lose it, you can reclaim your birthright and reset your brain and muscles naturally.

Series of pandiculations have been systematized and used extensively by Hanna Somatic Educators® and their clients to restore themselves to comfortable, easy and effortless movement once again.

I know, being a former contracted, stiff, sore, achy, compensating adult.  I lived a life full of physical pain and discomfort.  Now, I'm 12 years pain free and realize how beneficial using the powers of your brain can be.

Learning how to reset yourself naturally may seem at odds with all the methods and techniques that you may have used.  Rest assured, your brain can elicit the cortical response that Fido uses every morning and periodically throughout his day to self-correct.  There's no method or technique.  Just pandiculate.

The human two legged animal can reset itself, reprogram its movement software and update it throughout one's comfortable life... well at least in my case, the experience has been night and day...

... Such that I was able to earn two silver medals on the same day at the US National Veteran's Soccer Championship in the over 40 and 45's. From FM to 2nd place, twice in the same day

Practicing daily, I am able to continue to reset the resting levels of the muscles so they no longer fire up in pain and discomfort.

Instead of training to run like the other guys, I just do what animals do, I'll lazily reprogram the brain so I can jump, run, and move as agiley as possible.

You don't have to succumb to the pain and mystery of it... healthy vertebrate animals know how to remain agile, in balance, and move with exuberance and vitality.

Yes, you can transform the root cause of your pain using your brain as nature intended.

Move Well

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