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THURSDAY’S 9/16 SEMINAR: [1] Invisible Illness [2] Girl Talk

Posted Sep 15 2010 3:00pm

woman computer 3 THURSDAYS 9/16 SEMINAR: [1] Invisible Illness [2] Girl Talk We have an amazing group of people tomorrow morning and we hope you will join us for day #4 of Invisible Illness Week , September 15, at 10:30 – 12 Pacific time; 12:30-2 PM Central time; or 1:30 PM – 3 PM Eastern time – USA time at . Remember, if you miss it… it’s okay! It will be archived for ages!

First Wayne, founder of the Invisible Disabilities Advocate will be joining us for the first half an hour to talk about the idea of living with an invisible illness or hiddenn disability. And then we’re going to be joined by some women you just may know: Christine Miserandino, otherwise known as the “Spoon” gal from ; Jenny Prokpy of and Kerri Sparling who is the blogger behind the diabetes blog . I hope you will tune in!

wayne connell THURSDAYS 9/16 SEMINAR: [1] Invisible Illness [2] Girl Talk

Wayne Connell is the president of the Invisible Disabilities Association which he founded with his wife Sherri. Wayne’s desire to help others who struggle with disabilities has become a passion for him. He obtained a BA in Television and radio broadcasting in 1990. We will be talking with him about invisible illnesses and also the role he fills as husband and caregiver. Twitter: @InvDisabilities

jenni prokopy THURSDAYS 9/16 SEMINAR: [1] Invisible Illness [2] Girl Talk

Jenni Prokopy is founder and editrix of , an online resource for young women with chronic illness. An award-winning writer, speaker, and expert on healthy living, she shares her personal experience – and rallies the expertise of hundreds of others – to help women live beyond their illness and be total Babes.
Her writing has appeared in numerous publications, and she has worked with dozens of organizations large and small, local and multinational, to create compelling messages that empower people to work better, play harder. . .and be their best. Twitter: @chronicbabe

kerri sparling THURSDAYS 9/16 SEMINAR: [1] Invisible Illness [2] Girl Talk

Kerri Sparling is the founder of 6 Until Me , one of the largest patient blogs for those with diabetes. She is married to a “frantically funny, sharp-witted, and brilliant man who is both handsome and caring.” And on April 15th, 2010, her daughter joined the Sparling family . She is also a freelance writer and patient advocate.Twitter: @sixuntilme

christine miserandino THURSDAYS 9/16 SEMINAR: [1] Invisible Illness [2] Girl Talk Christine Miserandino is a writer, speaker, patient advocate, wife and mother living in Massapequa Park, NY. Christine is the founder of , a website that provides resources and useful tips for living life to the fullest with a chronic illness. Her writing which has won various awards has been featured in numerous newspapers, magazines, medical newsletters and television media . She has been living with lupus for over 15 years. Twitter: @bydls

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