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This is a general question about painrelievers, anxiety and pain

Posted by Ronnie Sanders

I have been treated and are being treated presently for anxiety and depression.  I also have a big problem with neuropathy in my right foot moving up my leg.  My leg and foot pain is very real and is terrible.  The burning never leaves me and I'm taking percocet for relief.  My psychiatrist says that that can't be.  He says that narcotics don't help neuropathic pain.  He stopping giving me anxiety meds, klonopin and is not wanting to help in other ways until I get completely off my percocet.  I do have a problem with anxiety but I think it's related to a variable thryoid problem and my chronic pain.  I don't think I can give up the relief I'm currently getting from the narcotic to go for purely a theory about the narcotic making the pain worse.  Can this be true?  He wants me to stop the narcotic so my pain will stop and he can treat the anxiety.




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