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The Levity Method – a Powerful Form of Healing

Posted Feb 09 2011 12:00pm
Hi Ben, It is an absolute pleasure to have you here at Heal Pain Naturally to answer some questions about “ The Levity Method “. The Levity Method is an easily applied form of healing that can not only make pain disappear but dramatically change all areas of your life. I am thrilled our mutual friend, and amazing person, James Sinclair introduced us. I feel my readers can gain a lot from meeting you and hearing about “The Levity Method”. First – as with many people who find their passion for healing.. there was something that LED to that moment.  Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you came to come up with this method?

Well Jenny, please let me first say that it is real honor to be here and share with you and your readers. I read your book, “ Discover How to Heal Pain Naturally ” and I have to say that you have really been on an amazing journey and I think what you are doing is such a beautiful and necessary service for humanity.

Jenny, I have been on a committed spiritual journey within for over ten years now. I had always had some interest in personal development/self help/motivation. Which in my opinion all people who start there end up on a spiritual journey, Wayne Dyer is a great example. You might even notice that Anthony Robbins’ latest work is now turning a lot more spiritual as well. The move from mind to spirit, it’s inevitable.

After years of meditation, setting intention, affirmations, practicing the Law of Attraction, reading books, attending seminars and learning many modalities along the way, I was faced with a very serious inner challenge that took everything within me to resolve.

A friend and I were flying up to Juneau, Alaska from Calgary, Alberta. We had a stop in Vancouver, cleared customs and immigration, waited in a long line for security, then finally boarded the plane. We sat in the plane at the gate sweating in our seats for 45 minutes waiting for a few passengers, I don’t know about you Jenny, but a plane has never waited for me, lol. I started getting extremely impatient and bothered, then it subsided and my normal jovial nature returned. Not a big deal.

Once the couple who we were waiting for finally arrived, everyone sighed and the doors closed and we began taxiing out to the runway. Then it happened. The impatience returned, but it didn’t stop, it just kept going higher and higher, it turned into an intense boiling fear, my body got red hot through and through, my skin started to tingle furiously and get prickly, my heart was beating so loud I thought everyone could hear it, I couldn’t sit still. I was extremely agitated and needed off that plane, right then and there.

I was having my first of many panic attacks, and it scared the life out of me. From then it got worse, they started happening when I was driving and I began to develop new phobias, about one every week or so. I now lovingly refer to it as a “fear explosion”. Agoraphobia soon followed, I had a very hard time even leaving the house. I recall one day I was walking around the block, at almost exactly the half way point I felt a panic attack coming on, immediately my mind was yelling at me, “HOW AM I GOING TO GET HOME”. Jenny, I was a 2 minute walk from from my front door. What I was experiencing was completely illogical. It did not make any sense to me. As it turns out each and every experience I had with the panic and anxiety turned me more and more into an inner investigator of sorts. A close friend calls it being the “Existential Detective” a line from the movie “I heart Huckabees”.

Oddly enough the reason I was flying to Alaska was to see a friend and healer, as he was doing a workshop. Dr. Warren Grossman . If you have never heard of him, you simply have to look into his work. He is one of the most beautiful people on the planet today. I say that without hesitation. His work formed the basis for The Levity Method . In its shortest possible form, in my own words, his method involves grounding and connecting to the earth, then going to your heart and intentionally opening it which raises ones consciousness/vibration.

The biggest thing I have found with all spiritual work, is if you stop doing it, it stops working for you. This did not work for me. The intense search began.

I knew in my heart there had to be a way to stop playing the “spiritual maintenance game”. I knew that true, real, lasting change was possible, but did not know how to make or allow that to happen. For the life of me, I could not find anything about that written anywhere by anyone. I was looking to stop the “relief seeking” and experience lasting change. I was fine if it happened slowly, but it had to happen because life was so unbearable.

Thank you so much for sharing your story Ben.  I love your observation that self help/motivational speakers do turn to spiritual work.  I, too began by learning about healing myself with my mind but did not in any way know at the time that would lead to my spiritual journey… I do feel it is inevitable.  Thank you for telling me about Dr. Warren Grossman – I have checked out his website and want to learn more.  Many people suffer from anxiety, stress and I have met so many people that have suffered from panic attacks.  I love the idea of forms of healing that can truly make lasting change.  Can you give my readers a broad definition of “ The Levity Method ” and what it is applicable for?

Jenny, I am probably well known for my broad definitions. Lol.  The Levity Method is a highly effective belief resolution tool. Now, most people assume, “yeah, I have a few beliefs I would like to change”, but the truth is, our entire lives unfold according to the things that we believe to be true about ourselves, other people, the world, the universe and so on. Simply put, beliefs are the rules that tell us what is possible for ourselves. When we change the rules of what is possible, all bets are off and anything becomes possible.

A bit more about what The Levity Method actually does is it takes a belief from a lower energetic level/lower level of truth and moves it up to a higher level of truth. This changes the relationship with the content of the belief. A perfect example would be the belief. “Sugar is bad for me.” I am sure that the vast majority of people would say this is true. As a result of this statement being true for an individual, when they eat sugar they have ill effects as a result. The insulin spikes, maybe they get acne, the body gets a bit acidic and so on. However when we take this particular belief and work on it, sugar becomes less harmful for us. The only reason sugar is harmful is because we firmly believe it is.

For some people there may be some emotion attached to the belief around sugar, as a result of this belief, they may get a bit of a high from sugar or it gives them a safe feeling. Or maybe they feel guilt when they eat sugar. This can often lead to an addiction. All of this comes as a result of the beliefs.

Further to this, all “truth” can be experienced in levels. Hence the expression, “my truth”. Meaning that it may be true for one person, but not true for another. In actuality, these “truths” are not actually truths, they are beliefs, that we firmly believe to be true, because we have seen them proven to us many times. Beliefs can be extremely convincing because as we put our beliefs on the world, they communicate back to us based on that belief. Hence the expression, “you get back, what you put out”, or “you reap what you sow”. Then because we see it come back to us, it reaffirms the “truth” about that belief.

Now, belief is nothing more than an agreement with oneself. Sometimes these agreements are formed in very highly emotional and difficult situations, as a result, there can often be very intense emotions attached to the agreement.

A good example of this would be any type of abuse experienced as a child. A child gets spanked by their father, it hurts, they cry, dad is angry with them, they make the agreement with themselves that they are a “bad person”. The inner dialogue of the child might sound like this: “If the one I love most is angry with me and punishing me, I must be a bad person, he knows best, I’m just a child.” This belief is then firmly set. So when does it get resolved? I have met many adults who still believe this to be true about themselves, but are completely unaware that they actually have this belief. But everyday they are communicating to the world, “I am a bad person”, and they are getting back what they are putting out, then they ask the question, “why is this happening to me?”. By having the belief, “I am a bad person”, there is no doubt that there is untold amounts of negative emotion attached to that belief, such as shame, grief, fear of punishment, unworthiness, resentment, the list goes on.

As a side note, although you may firmly believe, “I am a good person”, you can also hold the belief, “I am a bad person”.

Then these emotions are triggered whenever the belief is active or “proven” to us in our everyday lives. They can be as benign as a bit of annoyance or they can be as severe as highly depressive shame. Another way they can play out for us is chronic illness or pain, which can be as simple as a few beliefs forming a belief system, one that we push against everyday unconsciously. Over time it builds into a chronic situation and opening us up to a gradual decrease in health that erodes our quality of life.

Jenny, when I first decided that there had to be a way for me to get myself “out” of the anxiety, I decided to do something radical and let everything go. I decided to stop forcing myself to eat well, forcing myself to exercise, forcing myself to take my vitamins, forcing myself to meditate and forcing myself to listen to the cd’s and read the books. I let everything go, I decided to do the exact opposite of what everyone says to do. I did not want to prop myself “up” with the “good stuff”. I wanted a long term solution to these issues. I wanted lasting change. I decided I would only do these things when I felt like it and would not do it otherwise, I also gave myself permission to NOT feel any guilt around this, as I was on a mission of resolution.

In the beginning this was brutally difficult, without being propped up by all the good stuff, I fell pretty deep into a dark abyss for a good number of months. But as I continued to experiment and change things and work away at seeking full and complete resolution, change started to happen. Within about 8 months, I was a new man. There were parts of me that I always knew existed but could never access, they came to life. My energy slowly returned, my face turned into one big smile for no reason, my finances improved, my house was cleaner, my business got better and easier, everything began to shift. Slowly but most assuredly.

Jenny, TLM, as we call it, can be used for any area of your life that sucks. The reason that it can be used for any area of your life is because YOU are the common denominator between you and all your life elements. You are the only thing you can change. And, change is easier than you “believe” it is, especially if you are truly committed. TLM helps you to simply change your relationship with the stuff that sucks or limits you. When the relationship changes, we no longer offer resistance to that which sucks and then it has no pull or power over us. This is freedom.

Ben, I know firsthand how powerful these beliefs are and it wasn’t until I began clearing a FEW of mine that I could heal. I am STILL finding programming that I don’t really on a conscious level believe.. but we have been programmed since birth and I’ve got 41 years to unravel.. it might take a little while! ;-) LOL With every belief I have reprogrammed it brought up resistance and a healing that was usually not met without some challenges – this sounds like it simplifies all of that.  I am intrigued and cannot wait to experience The Levity Method.

Yes, it does simplify that process greatly. I too had spent much effort on “trying” to reprogram myself. Then I stopped doing that. TLM is not really about reprogramming, it is more about resolving that which gets in the way, because were are already 100% complete and total just as we are. We can’t be anymore than we already are. This process just lets us see the truth of that by removing that which is in the way of that truth.

Jenny, part of doing The Levity Method is learning to listen to our own words as they come out. Not being critical or a “word cop” but just so that we can begin to find out our own limiting beliefs, because we speak many of our thoughts and our thoughts primarily come from our beliefs. So, can I pick on your for a minute, if that’s ok?

You mentioned you have “41 years to unravel, it might take a little while”, this is true, but it does not necessarily have to take a lot of time. Once you get good at TLM, you can resolve beliefs in seconds. Then it is up to you as to how long it takes to unravel. I look at my own journey with TLM, and the vast majority of it was spent developing and honing the best techniques on how to resolve beliefs faster for myself. This all happened by simply staying open to new and more efficient ways of resolution. My point in all of this is to say that I firmly believe that anyone who practices TLM and does it often enough to get good at it, will notice massive shifts in their life in as little as three months. Now each person is different, some people notice big changes in days or weeks. Some people notice it over months. But the change is certain and very tangible. Everyone has a different amount and intensity of limiting beliefs. We all start TLM from different places.

I don’t mind being “picked on Ben”. ;-)   AND I am all about faster ways to resolve beliefs. :-) On my own spiritual journey I have gotten better at this.  Still, sometimes I can spend a day trying to resolve something.. this sounds like an AMAZING opportunity to do that much faster. :-) Sign me up! :-) Ben, from speaking to you I also know The Levity Method has something to do with past lives. As a Soul ReAlignment Practitioner I have seen firsthand what lifting some of these restrictions can do.  Can you please share with my readers how The Levity Method relates to past lives?

One day I was going out camping and I felt there was something very off within me, I just knew something wanted to come out. So I got to my campsite, no one for miles and miles, so I sat down against a tree, did my grounding exercise and said I was not moving until whatever this was came to the surface.  I sat there for a few hours while the emotions rose and fell, but nothing was coming through.

Then I started saying, “hurry”… I just kept repeating it over and over again… the words turned into yelling.. and I was sobbing in fear and grief… I knew it that moment that I was dying, at some other time. In this memory my arm was trapped and I was bleeding to death. I was yelling to a friend who was going to get help. I felt so trapped, desperate and hopeless. I knew I was not going to get out of there and I was so afraid to die. I just kept yelling and crying, it began to fade and the picture of what was happening become completely filled in.

The friend who was going for help, was a friend that was in my current life. That was the first time I had ever experienced a past life. Since that time, which was less than a year ago, I have had many past life experiences.

It has come to me that past lives and remembering them is about gaining information of some sort. It is about becoming clear about the stuff that you are still hanging onto in this life. I believe they present themselves or become evident to us as a result of 2 things. 1. So we can get done with what we need to get done with. 2. This is a very natural occurrence when we begin to remove that which is in the way of seeing them.

The way that The Levity Method fits in with past lives is simply by resolving limiting beliefs that we still hold from past lives. This is pretty important stuff. I mean we have carried it with us for life times, the least we could do is make some effort to find out what it is and move towards getting done with it.

It has been my experience that when we resolve old beliefs from past lives, it makes the largest changes and differences for us. This, in its shortest form is resolving Karma. That which we carried with us from other times. If you consider how we experience karma, it is nothing more than the content of our unconscious mind. So what then is the unconscious mind full off. Rules, emotions, tired old baggage, old stuff that typically does not serve us. The basis for all of this is belief. The Levity Method allows us to go in and resolve these beliefs.

Now, one does not have to go into past lives to resolve beliefs from past lives because they are active within us right now and here. They are indicative of the thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviors that we have/exhibit on a daily basis. There is no magic or mysticism here. This is just everyday stuff that we all live with. My thought is if we will simply commit ourselves to resolving that which troubles us inside, we change the world in immeasurable ways. Good ol’ Ghandi said it best, “be the change you wish to see in the world.” I say, own it, own every problem you see and you will begin to see there are no problems, they only lie in our perception, which is the result of our beliefs.

One last word on past lives, the information held in there is valuable, but so are the thoughts we have everyday. One does not have to look very far or long to find a large mountain of limiting beliefs. However the beliefs that we get out of past lives carry a greater weight with them, as a result, they also release a greater amount of weight when we resolve them.

Amazing Ben.  Again, I am thoroughly intrigued, this fits with all I have learned on my own journey but simplifies it.  I am so very grateful to have you talking to my readers about this.  How can we learn more about The Levity Method and apply it in our own lives?

The first thing I would recommend is heading on over to the website which is and sign up for our “mind unbending emails”. We have some free videos on there and we will soon put up a bunch of free audios. The goal is to create a community based website where people can log on, share experiences, chat with others and get help whenever they might need it.

The truth is this is only just now coming to the public based on the prodding of a very dear friend of mine. I never had any intention to bring this to the world, but Jenny it just works so darn good and it just keeps growing by itself.

We just started doing workshops and I assume within 6 months we will launch a home study course.

I also facilitate sessions with people and the results and feedback have been quite amazing. I find it usually takes 2 sessions before people really start to see and feel changes. However everyone is different. Having a spiritual back ground or understanding certainly makes using TLM a lot easier.

Ben, thank you so very much for your time and for telling my readers about The Levity Method. I am excited to experience it myself and encourage anyone this resonates with to do the same.  I feel releasing limiting beliefs is the fastest way to move along your path in all areas of your life. I’ll ask my readers to leave any comments and questions they may have and encourage them to check out your site, “ The Levity Method ” to learn more.  It has been such a pleasure working with you. Again, I am so grateful James thought to introduce us… it is an honor. :-)

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