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The kid’s speech.

Posted Mar 27 2011 7:17pm

Speech Buddies R Standalone on Vimeo .

You know that moment you have as an adult where you suddenly realize how happy you are that someone pulled you aside early in your life and said, “Hey, you should really pay attention and work on fixing this. You’ll be glad you did later on.”... I had that moment recently while watching The King’s Speech . If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you should. It’s fantastic and — relevant to this post — chronicles the life of King George VI of England as he struggles to overcome his speech impediment in what is arguably one of the most famous radio addresses of all time.

As a kid, I had a very minor lisp — and even now I sporadically stumble over words like Elizabeth (just ask my friend Elizabeth!), particularly when I’m nervous. I was fortunate that our neighbor and one of my mom’s closest friends, a speech therapist, would occasionally pull me aside and teach me tongue placement as well as how to enunciate certain words. I can still remember looking at Ms. Freeland and wondering why saying TURRRRTLE was so important. I get it now.

That, of course, has to be why Speech Buddies really caught my eye, errr...ear. Speech Buddies is a series of five tactile learning products that teach you both how and where to place your tongue while speaking. (This will all sound very strange if you’ve never had speech therapy, but trust me, as a kid, this type of method worked wonders for me — and I know it would work as an adult as well.)

I included their video (above) for the R sound — since that was one of my troubled sounds. Check out their introductory video and more on . (I also loved this post on Mommy Speech Therapy .) Maybe you’ll be the person to give some kid that reflective moment I just had.
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