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The Doctor’s Not In

Posted Sep 03 2009 5:15pm

Trying to get into the doctor’s office on a Wednesday is kind of cliché. You imagine your guy is hanging out at a country club, sipping brandy and smoking Rocky Patel cigars with his buddies instead of seeing you. You know better than to call his office that day because he’s just not going to be there and what’s the point of wasting your time?

Well, those days are no more. Now you’re lucky if your doctor is in his office two days a week. I called mine on Monday and was told he was out of the office. Tuesday I was busy and forgot I wanted to call him. Wednesday I didn’t bother. So I tried today. He had his golf game and he should be in, right?

Wrong. Once again my darling doctor wasn’t in. Neither was his nurse practioner. And the office will be closed all weekend (for the holiday). What, is there some kind of party going on in the Hamptons? Honestly.

So, I’ve strengthened my resolve to find another doctor. I think I’ve pretty much had it up to my eyeballs with the one I have. He doesn’t take me seriously and I can’t get a hold of him when I have some serious questions. The only thing I really like about him is that I don’t have to go in every time I need my prescription refilled and he did re-prescribe my other pain killer without me having to go in. But other than that I’m not happy. Of course, I wasn’t happy with the two doctors I had before him, either, but that’s not the point.

I guess the point could be made that’s it incredibly difficult to find a doctor that actually cares about his patients more than his vacation house. Hopefully the next one on my list will at least be available on a Monday or Thursday.

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