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The Barn Dance by James Twyman – A Book for Anyone that has Lost Someone

Posted Jun 17 2010 12:00am

Occasionally a book comes along that you physically cannot put down.  It draws you in, moves you and does not let go.  “ The Barn Dance ” by James Twyman IS such a book.  It is written from James’s personal experience about contact with his ex wife, Linda 3 1/2 years AFTER she was brutally murdered.  Call it a lucid dream, call it a world between worlds where the veil is thin… James came back from the experience with a deep healing and proof he HAD in fact been in contact with Linda. I was lucky enough to preview James’ upcoming book, “ The Barn Dance “.  I had the fortune of having 25 of my friends also read the book and we got to ask James Twyman questions via Skype. This book has brought much joy into my life and it is a pleasure to share it with you.

I have taken a few of James Twyman’s courses, read a few of his books and knew I enjoyed his work and his authenticity.  He writes often about our personal power, peace, consciousness and oneness which are all topics I love.

James has traveled to countries at war to perform peace concerts.  James is a musician, best-selling author, filmmaker and Founder of The Beloved Community (an interfaith organization that has ordained over 400 minsters of peace around the world).  James is all about peace and love for all and speaks from his heart. I recommend reading “ The Proof ” from James and my husband Ray and I downloaded his Spoon Bending Course which I hope to go through soon.  I also have enjoyed James’ movie, “The Moses Code” and his music.

This book is very personal for James and the experience has brought much peace and healing to him and his family. I have become a huge fan of James’ work and it was an honor to preview his book, “ The Barn Dance “.

I am sure most people hear “ex-wife” and already have pre-conceived notions in their head.  The truth is James still was very much in love with Linda and had hopes of an eventual reconciliation.  They had a daughter together and shared a very deep bond and connection that had not gone away.  James and Linda were still very much in touch when she was murdered and her loss was something he had a very difficult time moving on from.

On the way home from her funeral James, his daughter; Angela and a close friend of hers decided to drive home to give them time to process their incredible loss.  On the way home they had an incident which nearly resulted in them all going over a cliff to their own death.  This left them understandably shaken.  Three and a half years later the image of the cliff and that event kept replaying in James’ head.  He knew he had to go back to that spot but had no way of knowing what he was about to encounter.

The book begins with James back at the same motel near the spot where his life nearly ended.  A hotel clerk warns him of the spot he was planning on revisiting and you are drawn in to know “WHAT is there?”.  I won’t spoil it as the journey this book takes you on is one to be enjoyed first-hand.  I will say James does get to come face to face with Linda and is able to revisit and heal many occurrences in their life together. It is remarkable and brings up so many different thoughts and emotions. 

The Barn Dance ” is a story that will make you smile, cry, feel deeply and think about the possibilities of seeing people that have passed on from this life.  It is a book you WILL remember and many of my friends that read it said they did not want it to end. I was honored to read it before its release in September and to host an event promoting this incredible book.

James had decided since this book was so personal, a personal approach to promoting it would be fitting.  He invited people that knew his work to get FREE advance copies and to host a Barn Dance party. At this “Barn Dance Event” James would call in via Skype and people would get a chance to ask him questions.  I hosted such an event at my house and it was spectacular.  I had 25 friends read the book. They all came with questions and every person enjoyed the book and gained much from the experience.

It was a lot of fun to be sitting in my dining room and be talking with James over Skype from his house.  A very intimate setting and he gained many more fans from the whole experience.  James is authentic and filled with love and you get that immediately from speaking with him.  My friends asked many different questions, some pretty difficult or mind-bending to answer (Yep – that’s YOU Chester ;-) ).  James kept a smile, his wonderful sense of humor even though this is obviously a topic that can bring up MANY different emotions – he did so well answering all the questions. He endeared us all to him.

The night really seemed magical.  26 of us gathering to discuss a book that IS so important.  A book that honors Linda.  A book that will give MANY hope of seeing their loved ones after passing.  A book that you literally can NOT put down. :-)   To have James call in and speak to us just made everything even more special.

I cannot thank James enough for his wonderful book, “ The Barn Dance ” and all that the book has brought into my life.  I highly recommend you pre-order a copy of “ The Barn Dance ” now – it comes out in September 2010.  I also highly recommend visiting James Twyman’s website and finding out more about his important work.

Thank you and I would love to hear about any experiences you have had with loved ones that have passed.  I have read a lot on this topic and wrote a 3 part series on “ Life After Death “, “ Past Lives, what do they have to do with Healing? ” and “ Life Between Lives ” that I would for you to take a look at, if you haven’t already.  I would also love to know if you have come across James’ work.  Thank you so much for your support. By working on this website I am exposed to these amazing opportunities and I am very grateful to everyone that visits me here. Much love.

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