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Thank You For Your Prayers

Posted Jan 28 2013 1:45pm
joshua party Thank You For Your Prayers

Joshua (in the center in red and black) with friends in his bedroom doing “Beyblades”


Thank you so much for the prayers you lifted up on behalf of my family and my health this weekend. Thankfully, the birthday party went well. I learned to ask for help (like when I bent over to the cut the cake and got stuck!) I can’t go into detail but let’s say that it was a huge answered prayer that friends came and had fun and my son called it “the best birthday party ever!”

I had a nice little moment with my son Saturday before everyone arrived. I gave him a cross necklace and a dog tag that has the “be strong and courageous” scripture from Joshua. I told him how much I loved him and so did God and He would always be there for him. He said, “Okay,” and walked over to the sliding glass door. It was raining here in San Diego, and he looked out and said, “Look, mom! The angels are peeing!”

Well. . . okay. I still hope God knows what he is doing by giving me a boy. Some things I may never get used to.

Of course, my side has continued to hurt non-stop and I have been taking the maximum amount of pain killers the doctor prescribed. I did learn that what I have is called a “spontaneous rib fracture.” This would make me laugh, but it hurts to laugh. By “spontaneous” it means I didn’t do anything fun to cause it, there was no trauma. No, I didn’t fall from a horse or tackle my son, or trip over anything. It just . . . happened.

I have tried to find out how long it may take for this to heal, but nothing takes into consideration one who heals slowly due to a poor immune system, osteoporosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. I would love a “shooting for” end-date, but God has said, “Uh, no. You have to just depend on Me one day a time.” So much for waiting until February to set some new year’s non-resolution goals.

My goals for the next month or so will be to sit in this chair long enough to post a devotional and to not breath too deeply, laugh, hiccup, sneeze, or cough. The last one concerns me because I have had a sore throat since yesterday afternoon. Lord-willing, I won’t get sick on top of it all.

You each fight these battles yourself–The reality of pain, in addition to fighting to get to experience the joys in life, like birthdays and weddings and baby showers. You encourage me each day as you post what you are up against and then how you are finding strength to get through it. Hearing how the Holy Spirit touches you right where you are at always makes me sit here and look at my screen and breath a “wow.”

I ran across this video today and thought it was kind of cute. Such wisdom for a young guy. If you need a smile today, I hope you will give it a watch.

Blessings and thanks,

pixel Thank You For Your Prayers
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