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symptons of hip joint dislocation

Posted by Warren

Hi, I was doing squats two 35 lb dumb bells.  I don't exorsize.  This was the first day of trying.  I didn't fell anything.  The next morning it was very painful to walk.  I tried to take it easy.  I felt the need to pop the joint as if it were one of the knuckles on my hand.  I proceeded to do so by tying a rope to my leg and the two 35 lb weights I had used and then pushed away from the weights while slowly relaxing my hip muscles.  I didn't stretch the joint much but it did seperate.  I did this twice.  One on the first day and one time the next day.  Then I did nothing for the joint for the next three weeks.  I did however do my normal daily tasks and routines.  No improvement from day one.  I then started massaging the muscles and tendons of the joint and I was seeing some improvement.  There were a couple of days where I did no activities and there seem to be more improvement. 

Can you tell me what my problem might be and what a doctor might advise me to do or not do and for how long?

Thank You


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