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swollen gadge piercing, my ear canal feels sore and swollen and the gland under my jaw on the same side is swelling

Posted by debbieinu

This morning I was sitting at the table and I suddenly noticed my gadged ear piercing is burning, i reach up and noticed it was also leaking clear liquid. I quickly went to the bathroom and took the gadge out and looked, a large knot was forming on the bottem left corner, its been growing larger and producing more clear liquid. i put hidrogen poroxcide on it and hoped itd stop, but an hour later the inside of my ear is starting to hurt and swell slightly and the gland under my chin is sore and starting to swell as well as getting a head ache, what could be going on?
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Sounds like it might be leaking lymph fluid and/or you have a blow out and an infection. The "gland" is probably your lymph node trying to get rid of the infection. Go down a size, stop using the peroxide and start using a sea salt soak with 1/4 of a tablespoon of sea salt for every 8 oz of warm water. Soak for a few minutes at least twice a day and up to four times. If it doesn't start to get better, see your doctor.
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