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Stop Fighting It – A Guest Post by Edward Sanderson

Posted May 11 2010 12:00am

It is my pleasure to bring you a guest post by my friend, Edward Sanderson of Visualize Meditate Heal .  Ed has been practicing meditation for over 30 years and his blog, Meditations for Healing offers many tips on starting and maintaining a meditation practice and using meditation for healing emotional and physical pain.  I met Ed when he was writing his wonderful blog “ Ed’s Health Tips “.  Ed knows a lot about about health, healing and the body and it is a great honor to have him featured here today.  Thanks Ed. :-)   To my readers I would love comments and if you would visit Ed’s site and say hello.  He is a wonderful person and has much wisdom to share.


Have you ever noticed that when the USA starts a war on something, like drugs or cancer, the problem gets worse instead of better?

When you fight something it fights back and usually gets stronger.

Another problem with fighting a situation is that when you fight, you are in a state of denial. You are denying that the universe is the way it is for a reason. Until you can accept what is true now, you will have a very hard time changing it. I know, it sounds paradoxical that in order to change something you need to accept it, as it is.

I’m sure anybody who has had anxiety can relate to the fact that fighting the problem only makes it worse. To overcome an anxiety attack, you have to stop fighting, you have to relax. You will find the same is true with pain. As you accept it and relax, the tight muscles around the pain let go, and the pain begins to ease. Not only that, but blood starts flowing to the area and healing can begin.

I used to get an allergy reaction to certain foods. It would cause my esophagus to go into spasm. It was the most excruciating pain I have ever felt. It also prevented me from swallowing, and if I tried to, it would bring on a wave of stabbing pain. It would build up over about 20 minutes, stay for about 20 minutes, and then gradually wear off. A feeling of heaviness and congestion in the chest would stick around for about a day.

I had been trying to relax into the experience, which helped, especially mentally, but I decided I should not just tolerate it, but actually embrace it. So I imagined that the universe needs each of us, our senses and awareness, in order to experience itself. If the universe needed to experience that moment, then I need to be fully present in it; experiencing each sensation, moment by moment. As I did that, the experience actually became blissful. The pain was there, but I was not suffering because of it, I was enjoying floating in it and offering it to the universe.

The period of intense pain only lasted about 5 minutes that time, and I was almost sorry to see it go. In the following year, I had one or two very mild reactions, and have had none since. It’s been at least ten years since the last episode.

Here’s another way to embrace and let go of physical or emotional problems:

Imagine the problem inside your body. Give it a shape and color. Imagine it coming out of your body and give it a mouth. Have a dialog with it. What is it’s higher purpose? What lesson is it trying to teach you? What is it protecting you from? When you have discovered answers to one or more of those questions, the two of you can come up with solutions to those problems, without negatively impacting your health.

Have fun playing with these techniques. It is much harder to fight when you are having fun.

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