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Stomach Pain while eating

Posted by Tina P.

 For the past 2 weeks, everytime I eat something, I immediately get stomach pains. it's almost as if my stomach does not want me to eat. The pain DOESN'T start after I eat, it starts once I start eating and it lingers for about an hour or so. The pain got so excruciating that I woke up in the middle of the night. Pepto didn't work, nothing did. I stayed up all night because I was in so much pain. It mainly hurts above the naval if that helps. But if anyone has an answer to this pain, PLEASE tell me!
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The first thing you do is take out all dairy for 3 weeks then you reintroduce dairy one thing at a time . After 3 days enter another and so forth. If these dairy items hurt your tummy don't eat them any more..

Avoid fried foods. You will figure it out what your tummy can tolerate.

Carbs. are hard to digest... you dint want ulcers take steps now !


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