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Sore throat, fever, and a terrible jaw ache. Been tested for strep and mono. Any idea what this might be?

Posted by Andzilla

I've been getting sick a lot lately, seemingly with the same thing each time. I've had fevers all three times, and a sore throat. I've been tested for strep and mono, but I'm not positive for either of them. I have been given antibiotics in the first two cases, and it seemed to make me well again, but I'm not understanding why it comes back a week or two later. This third time happened more quickly than the last two times, my fever coming on the first day that I felt sickly and had a little bit of a sore throat. This time has also been accompanied by a sore jaw, so bad I cannot open my mouth very far or move it in certain ways. It's been sore for about 4 days. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with this sickness I keep getting. Have any suggestions as to what this might be or what I should tell my doctor?
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