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Son of an Itch!

Posted May 04 2009 5:26pm

Are you familiar with the dreaded morphine itch? Actually, it can happen with any opiate but seems to be most common with morphine. I asked my doctor about it years ago and she said the body may release histamines in reaction to morphine and she suggested I try an anti-histamine.

My little itch only rears its pimply face once in a blue moon. Usually, it's when I take morphine on an empty stomach.

I guess I didn't have enough to eat for dinner last night because I awoke around 12:30 am with the beginnings of The Itch (dun dun dunnnnn......). It usually starts with just a little itch here and there..nothing to write home about. Maybe an itch on the ankle or the knee, but no biggie. But, that itch on the ankle turns into an itch on the calf and the itch on the calf turns into an itch on the scalp and the itchy scalp turns into an itchy right bum cheek (which turns into an itchy left bum cheek). Soon enough, your fingers simply can't keep up with the intensity of the itch and you're forced to start scratching with your toes as well.

Basically, the itch reduces you to looking like a monkey with scabies.

Anyway, I decided I needed to feed the itch, as having food in my system does help. That's why 2 am found me on the couch, in front of the tv, chomping on a serving-size bowl of honey-nut cheerios.

Long story short, the stinking itch kept me up until almost 3 am. Not surprisngly, I awoke feeling like pootie and had to cancel my appointment with my pain doctor. Fortunately, I was able to reschedule and will see her on Monday.

As a prophylactic measure, I just inhaled 5 chocolate chip cookies. Damn itch will not beat me tonight!

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