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Six Things That Make Me Smile

Posted Apr 09 2009 7:13pm
I was recently tagged by my dear blogger friend, Jeanne at Jeanne's Endo Blog to list six things that make me smile. First, I like Jeanne who works tirelessly creating endometriosis awareness. There is so much miss information floating around the web concerning endometriosis and for that reason, Jeanne's blog backs up her information with the latest medical findings. Jeanne's dedication makes me smile.

Jeanne recently produced her first vlog (video blog) and it is excellent. She is a soft spoken young lady but her words are powerful and informative. Jeanne is determined to get legitimate information published in mainstream media magazines.

One of the people who can make that happen is Mariela Azcuy. Ms Azcuy is Senior Associate Director for Ladies Home Journal, More, and Siempre Mujer magazines. You can help make Jeanne's efforts successful by contacting Ms Azcuy. Her contact information is listed below.

Mariela Azcuy
Senior Associate Director of PR
Ladies' Home Journal More and Siempre Mujer Magazines
Meredith Corp.
125 Park Ave, 17th Floor
NYC 10017

go ahead, MAKE ME SMILE!!!
Family gathering always make me smile. The photo below is of my step mom, my father, two of my younger sisters and my only son, who is my care giver. These smiling faces put depression on the run.

Blogging makes me smile. During a recent bout with chronic fatigue, it became too tiring, to go across the hall to my office. So, I adjust, and move the bones of my office to my bedroom. I am so happy with my new area. And, yes, I smiled.

I love looking out my kitchen window and seeing the waterfalls that lead to my pond. It makes me smile because my son built it for me. He created a natural beauty on the side of the hill and it looks as if it has always been there. I like watching the water flow in the summer... as well as the winter months. Yes, it makes me smile. And brings comfort to my chronic pain. It is my alternative medicine for many illnesses.

Mornings make me smile. Now that is an affirmation that I can say with enthusiasm. Some mornings are so magnificient that I just stand and gaze in amazement. This was one such morning. Just before the sun topped the ridge, it lit up the sky as if the world was on fire. I was fortunate enough to capture this beautiful shot.

I like feed back form my blogging friends. This is a picture I received from Pamela at Pam's Garden Space. Pam sent me this photo of her quite space. It was in response to an article I had post regarding the importance of creating Peaceful Spaces At Home. Positive interacting with others makes me smile.

Now for a list of other bloggers who make me smile;
Renee @ My Autumn Years
Shauna @ Life In Pain and Other Fun Things
Carole @ Missing Ingredient Coaching
Ambri @ Ambri's Indego
Shauna @ Trying To Stay Calm
Sheri @ Angellviews
Mark @ Healing Music Emporium
Chick @ Migraine Chick
Please visit their sites and make them smile by leaving a comment on their latest blog.
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