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Should i be asking my drs to check my adrenal glands? Could i be in adrenal crisis.

Posted by lefrtyaintright

I have had ongoing problems with my endocrine system. In 2001 drs discovered a calcified thyroid nodule. In 2006 they found a pituitary adenoma. My breasts have periodically produced colostrum since 1998. And in 2009 blood and urine workups discovered elevated parathyroid hormones and metanephrines in my urine. Now for the last three days I am having sharp, spasm type pain in my upper abdomen just below my ribs on the right and wrapping around to my back. tests have ruled out liver and pancreas and my gall bladder was removed in 2000 because of spasms never any stones. My bp is elevated and i am very tired all the time. Please help me. jane
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