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sharp pains in my neck and shoulders, especially when I breathe in and lay down!

Posted by snowsport9

I am experiencing sharp pains in my neck and through my shoulder on my left side and sometimes in the left side of my chest.  It doesn't hurt all of the time but it hurts when taking in short rapid breaths (laughing), sometimes deep breaths, and especially when I lay down while my shoulder blades are relaxed backwards.  I have exercised but nothing new or different that could have aggravated my body and the pain has been bad for 3 days. What could the cause of this be?

I am taking 3 ibuprofen 3 times a day and if it gets really bad, especially in the evening and as I lay down in bed I take tylenol as well.  The medications help ease the pain.  I have used ice and heat but they don't seem to help the pain.  If you have any ideas about this please help.

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