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Sharp pain shooting from right side from back to under right rib cage

Posted by Holly1Wood72

I have this pain that I feel starts on my right side in the back and after awhile it gets worse shooting to my front under rib cage.I had it for now 11yrs and all tests came out fine...I had a MRI,Catscan,Ultrasound,and blood tests on liver and everything was perfect.Drs cant figure it out.It hurts so bad im doubled over and sweeting and sometimes vomit.The drs give me a pain pill to take when I get it but most of the time it dont work and I have to go to the emercangy room to get something stronger for it.sometimes It starts a few days before the big pain.The pains I feel is pressure on my right side and a slight pain there but also cant sleep on that side cause of the discomfort.I even seen a gastronoligst specilaist and he is sending me to another speiclist out of are state casue he dont the tools to see whats wrong cause of the surgerys I have had.My gallbladder has been removed the Drs thoguht it was that but it was not.Please help me figure this out
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