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SFT Will Teach You How to Remove Emotional Pain

Posted Aug 23 2008 10:43pm

I am very happy to present a guest post by Jennifer Abbott from Principles for Peace . I met Jennifer via one of my favorite blogs, Tim Brownson's, " A Daring Adventure ". After corresponding a few times she told me about SFT Awareness and I asked her to write a post for my readers to share this amazing program. I believe everyone has the capacity to change habits, adopt new positive behaviors and to grow and heal. I also believe hearing of a technique that YOU feel a strong connection to is the BEST way to ensure lasting success . Jennifer teaches SFT Awareness which I had not heard of before but will resonate with many people. This wonderful program will surely help many MORE people get over depression, addiction, health issues, traumas and whatever else they were beforehand unable to conquer. When you conquer emotional issues you empower yourself, can live up to your full potential and help others as well. Thank you Jennifer for spreading the power of SFT Awareness.

Why Would Anyone Want to Learn about SFT Awareness?

The program with which I am involved is a thriving nonprofit program called SFT Awareness . I bet you’re wondering what that stands for?.... It stands for Search for Truth. That may or may not mean much to you, so let me tell you a little more about it…

When I learned about SFT Awareness my life was nothing short of a mess. Negative thinking was prevalent in my life, I was carrying around a lot of baggage and I found myself hitting some very low points. SFT has made such a huge difference in my life that I am determined to spread this program throughout the world.

The first thing we like to tell people is that SFT Awareness is not counseling . It is training. We equip people with attitudes and skills that the y use for the rest of the ir lives. If you were to ask SFT students about the focus of SFT you would likely get varying answers. Some would say it’s about removing depression. O the rs would say it’s about stopping addictions. SFT does address the se issues and successfully, but what SFT Awareness does is teach people how to process and remove emotional pain. The reason it works for addictions and most depression is because the root cause of the se issues is addressed – the emotional pain.

We do not teach students to not have pain events. That’s not realistic. We simply teach the m the right attitudes and skills needed to recognize, process and remove emotional pain from the ir lives when things do happen that the y do not like. We call the se attitudes and skills that we teach Master attitudes and skills because the y are the attitudes and skills that the Master teacher Jesus used and taught. They work every time when applied correctly.

I like to use this illustration from one of my trainers (and the founder of SFT Awareness): Suppose the tires on your car wear down. You go and get the m replaced. However, in a few months the y wear down again. The reason the y wore down the first time – and the second time - is because your car had an alignment problem. Now you could go and just have the tires replaced again, but without fixing the alignment problem guess what will happen? That’s right. The tires will wear down again. That’s why people go through depression cycles and why people keep going back to the ir addictions – the y have not processed the ir emotional pain. If you remove the emotional pain the n you remove the depression and the need for addictions.

As students learn to change the ir thinking, many who were previously on anti-depressants find that the y no longer need the se medications (Although we never tell students to stop the ir medication. That’s up to the m and the ir doctor). Medications may be necessary for some depression, but medicating depression that is caused by unprocessed emotional pain will only put a band-aid™ on a wound.

To learn more about SFT Awareness you may visit the SFT website at . Currently, sessions are available in the Nashville , TN area, the Tri-cities ( East TN ) area and by workshop (if you wish that one be held in your area). Contact information is available on the SFT Awareness website. You may also enjoy my blog where I blog about many of the things taught in SFT.

Hope you found this informative.

Jennifer Abbott

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