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renal neropathy related to chronic stone disease; multiple,multiple excrocorparal lithotripsys and multiple ureteroscopies

Posted by DeeBo1967

I've been battling chronic stone disase with sever renal colic that will not go away for four years. I have medullary sponge disase and have had gastric bypass on top of that. I have been on oxycontin i r for two years i'm to the point that this has totaly destroyed my families and my life.Urologist dont want to touch me i have multiple calcifications in both kidneys and pass sand, gravel and stones on a daily basis. i'm of of the oxy for right now and i'm trying gabapentin. It seems to work somewhat but not when the sever colic comes around.

Has someone out there experenced this or have clue as what i can do.I'm waiting on a referal to U T in Arlington Texas they are supose to be doing some clinical study in this area. But I need some help now.

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