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pudendal nerve pain

Posted by Linda

I am wondering if I may have pudendal nerve pain. My medical history goes back 6 years when I started with pelvic pain(pain in various palaces from the clitoris to the rectum) and was passed back and forth between urologist and gynocologist (at the Royal Hallamshire Hosp Sheffield)and was then given diagnosis of  irritable bowel and intersitial cystitus and have had 2 bladder distentions with only two weeks relief in pain on both occasions. I have also been under the chronic pain clinic (Northern Gerneral hosp Sheffield) and had steroid injection in my S2 sacral nerve and had 2 weeks again of pain relief.

 I am now faced with my urologist saying that the only thing is to have my bladder removed, but how will that get rid of the pains in the vagina anus and the electric shock pain I get in my left buttock if it is touched at all

The only relief I get is being sat at the toilet, and that is debilatating and life restricting on all levels of living a normal life.

Please help me I do not now what to do or where to turn next.

Linda Twigg (51 yr old female)

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