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Pretty east: Obama to Jackson spray trash

Posted Feb 01 2013 7:08am
Obama is staunch supporters of the bulls, therefore, he asked the bulls rival of the lakers, said a lot of trash. Obama "congratulations" Jackson, in December 2010, barack Obama in the interview last year NBA champion lakers process, appeared a fun. As is known to all, Obama himself is the eastern conference of the Chicago bulls. In this Nike Air Max 95 360 activity process, Obama does not forget that position. In addition to and kobe Bryant, Derek fisher open the joke, say they have received five NBA champion, to the White House several times, so "should be the next time don't need to guide", and the lakers coach phil Jackson told a joke. Obama said, as a coach, Jackson has got 11 NBA champions. Obama also specialized in this congratulations for Jackson. "On the pitch, not many people can achieve the Los Angeles lakers player such height." Obama said, "of course, I have to remind Jackson, he is in the lakers to the NBA championship, it is more than a few Chicago." Barack Obama is a Chicago sports fan, he then said with a smile: "I heard these words, he said (to catch up with the bulls) soon." Say to the bulls, Obama said the last time distance bulls championship (1998) has for a long time, it is a "long drought period". However, Obama soon confidence to say: "I bull has shown some new look." In fact, in the interview, the bull before the home win over the lakers. Take Michael Jordan against "magician" against Nike Air Max 95 Mens the lakers, seems to be an Obama's traditional. In the 2009 title the lakers are invited to the White House, Obama deliberately take the bull KaiShuan the lakers. He said, Jackson in the bull took six champions, than the "magic" Johnson's more than five. Obama also the "magic" scar, about 1991 bulls beat the lakers the finals of the past. "You still remember, the magician?" Obama in the Johnson said, "you won the first game, tail will become warped up. Parkson continuous shooting. Barack Obama is still not satisfied, and mention Jordan classic air in hand shot." It's special time, I will always remember the President of the United States said to me the trash. "" the magician" later said, "I'm just trying not to back him. He is the only thing on earth said to me trash and didn't fight back by people. "" the magician" have been at the former President George Bush hand effect, became the AIDS a member of the committee, but later Johnson think bush's investment is not enough, FenErCiZhi. However, he is very appreciate to Obama, not only support his tax policy, but also positive for his re-election campaign to raise money. It looks like, trash did not affect the two great friendship." Advance "meet with the bulls in February 2009, barack Obama in the White House met with some Nike Air Max 95 Womens special guests from home -- the NBA Chicago bulls team. According to the usual practice, the President of the United States every year in the White House meet NBA players last season was the head of the army of the ZongGuan player. For the postseason in struggling bulls received the President interview, the main benefit from Obama over the years has been the bulls fans. As a token of respect, the bulls spot presented to the President a printed with" Obama "name bulls jersey no. 44. The NBA this attitude is its for their own development to make the. On the other hand, it also to improve China's soft power in the world is good. The NBA is a bridge, and ultimately will be more natural to let Chinese elements into American life. Chinese basketball development professional for seventeen years foreign communication frequency more and more high, foreign aid be league rules that McGrady (micro bo), marbury, J.R. Smith the past can only far view super star, also came to our side. In contrast, the CBA teacher is poor, not only see the big boss, most people would even rice bowl, only al gore, palmer's geoff and a few people can "long-term service". In the game always stand command, with a pair of short temper the cushite gore, in dongguan new century soon coaching basketball fourth Nike Air Max 97 season. He is in the CBA league coaching the longest of the handsome. Dongguan team can charge for a long time, is and its achievements have direct relation. In 2009, the national youth league, the dongguan team force pressure guangdong tigers, historic title. Then, al gore from youth rise to a team of, that help youth also rapid superior. Dongguan new century after big unforeseen, through the 2009-2010 season after the pain, now has become a real team, not like most teams that fate, the whole system in foreign aid.
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