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Post Op Day 4

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:13pm
Day 4 Hooray! It's hard to say how I'm feeling as it changes by the hour. Overall I think I'm doing great, but not quite sure how I should be feeling. I'm only taking percocet at bedtime, naproxen (NSAID) daytime and one asprin to combat chance of blood clotting. The game ready ice machine continues to be key in reducing pain and swelling. Each day I have left the house for an hour or so of sunshine, minimal walking on crutches and when I return home my knee and upper leg on operated side is very, very swollen. Usually a nice rest on ice & compression gets that under control.

PT is going really well too. The first few days I was totally unable to do heel slides, that is lying on my back and sliding my heel towards my buttocks with knee bent. I had to have someone slide the foot for me. I am now able to do that unassisted. Also doing reps of pelvic tilts, small bridge lifting, internal log roll, and lying on my stomach with hands at chest and lifting up for a nice, very nice stretch. I do still get achy after pushing myself, but it feel so good to get off the couch. I've been dilligent though about using the crutches (50% weight bearing), no bending past 90 degrees for hip flexors and no external rotation.

Last night a crazy thing happened. Because I get freezing cold when I sleep with the game ready machine I had my husband tuck me in under three blankets (he thought I was nuts, and turns out was right). I went to sleep with a percocet and woke up at 5 am to use the bathroom. On my way back to the couch where I'm camping out these days I got very lightheaded, skin got cold and clammy and I got extremely nautious. I was freaking out!!! I really thought I was dying. Keep in mind I already have general axiety disorder anyway, haha. I was screaming, call 911, something's not right!! Walt made me drink a Sprite and eat a cracker and as I started to calm down, the feeling went away. We think I got overheated. I had never felt so strange before, like my body was radiating cold from the inside out but I was drenched in sweat. I can laugh about it now, but confused I thought I was having some rare post op trauma like sepsis, blood clotting, etc. Tonight I will not sleep with three blankets, LOL!!

Take care,

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