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Please help! Chronic hip, chest & abdomen pain!

Posted by hdmcg05

For a few months now, I've had a very painful hip area (left side).  It hurts when I lay on that side, and it also hurts when I walk on it sometimes.  I went to an urgent care center one day because it was hurting so bad, and they said it was bursitis.  The doctor gave me a steroid for it.  After I'd taken the full 7 days of the steroid, I didn't notice any difference in the pain.  Now, a month later, it's really bothering (and scaring) me!  Now I'm starting to get painful in the left rib cage area.  It hurts in the area between my hip and ribs on the side.  I've also been getting sharper pains in my stomach and chest.  When I got out of the car yesterday, I felt a burning pain right at the bottom of my rib cage when I'd take a breath in.  Could these two conditions be related?  I'm scared to death and worried for the worst!  

I'm 25, female, occasional smoker, and I don't work out like I should.   

I do have a cyst on my right ovary, and I've had blood clots ruled out.

Also, I don't know if this is related or not, but I was supposed to go to a specialist a few weeks ago to get checked for fibromyalgia or lupus.  I didn't have the money, insurance or a medical card, so I wasn't able to go.  Could that be related too?

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