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PKD help!

Posted by Chelle

My boyfriend has cysts on his kidney from PKD I believe was the diagnosis. Said it's something he's had since birth. He doesn't currently have health insurance, and is in pain frequently. I don't know what I can do to be of help, or what we are really facing. If anyone has advice I need it. He usually is in the bath for hours,and uses a heating pad. Sometimes takes pain medication but some make him very nauseous. What other at home treatments can I help him to do?
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I dont take pain meds but I have had PKD for at least 15 years that I know of!I am 37 and my kidneys are twice as large as they should be for the amount of cycst I have in them.No dairy,no red meat,no salt or sodium,drink lots of water,exersise,dont drink allot before bed,try a firmer bed and make sure it is level.If you have any other questions email me at

Does he have pain all the time or is it worse at certain times?

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