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Pillow To Use after a Neck Injury such as Whiplash

Posted Dec 28 2012 9:43pm
A whiplash type injury can result from a motor vehicle accident. Especially the rear end collision type- when someone bumps your car from the back, it can cause major injury to the neck muscles, ligaments and nerves. A whiplash injury is best treated with chiropractic treatment, therapeutic modalities such as tens and ice/heat as well as physical therapy. Pillow to use for after a neck injury - the tricore pillow

Another treatment to help with whiplash type of neck injury is using an orthopedic neck support pillow such as the tri core orthopedic neck pillow . This pillow has special neck rolls that help to support the neck spine . You can choose a softer neck roll or a firmer neck roll to sleep on. You can sleep on your side or on your back. If you have been injured in a car accident consider using the softer side of the pillow first. Also, this pillow comes in both firm and gentle support. I would recommend the gentle tricore support neck pillow. 

This pillow will help with neck pain and stiffness. It works well in conjunction with chiropractic, traction and inversion type of treatment. 

Keep in mind that this pillow may take some time to get used to. Your neck muscles may be sore when you first wake up, but try to keep using it. The benefits of using this special pillow , will outweigh the soreness that you can get. 




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