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Persistent Groin and Hip pain for 10 weeks.

Posted by mbowden

I have persistent groin pain for 10 weeks and hip pain for 6 weeks. It affects me most when sitting or lying down. I had a CT scan and it came back normal. I am waiting to have a pelvic scan. I am taking fenopine 600mg and Amitriptyline 25mg. These are not working and the pain is increasing. The groin and outer hip feel sore to the touch.
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That is a very common complaint we see in our Portland Clinic and it should be something that is fairly easy to fix. It is related to postural imbalances in your body caused by some muscles that are overly strong and tight and others that are weak. Watch the video on that talks about the Egoscue Tower and the Supine Groin Progressive Stretch. It will greatly help with how you are feeling. Read this summary of the Egoscue Method to understand more about how you got in this situation and how to get out of it.
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