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Pandiculate Your Way to Health and Relieve Your Stiffness

Posted Apr 30 2010 5:59pm

Healthy verterbrate animals use a little known process called pandiculation. This is how they reset their muscles.

In this daily act, an animal uses her own biofeeback mechanisms, in order for the brain to send chemicals of relaxation to the muscles.

An animal's balance, coordination, flexibility, and movement programs have to be readjusted consciously so they can move in the artful, graceful, and vital ways for their survival. 

When an animal is ill, the reprogramming is absent.  The same goes for humans.  If you are down and do nothing to reprogram your muscles, then they will continue to contract in the same manner, in other words, you can keep your compensations, stiffness, and rigidity.

 ... in the meantime your muscles will habituate to becoming stiffer.

To reprogram yourself is the mostimportant aspect of all exercise according to former world health and exercise leader, Mel Siff who wrote, "Facts and Fallacies of Fitness".

Reprogramming the central nervous system is far more important and fundamental than aerobic or strength training.  In fact, it must be never be neglected.

                                         Good News

This reprogramming can be done with simple, gentle and easy movements according to Norman Doidge, "The Brain that Changes Itself".

Somatics Exercises fill in the void of gentle, easy movements with the primary feature of using the process of pandiculation to reset your brain's output to the muscles..

Most exercise programs attempt to accomplish things by strengthening muscles whereas with Somatics you'll use your brain to release contracted muscles so their function can return.

Instead of being held up by opposing muscular contractions, your brain will send messages to use as little contraction as possible, yet you will remain upright with little effort.

You are designed to move easily and effortlessly without being stiff and contracted.  Somatics is a way to come through the looking glass rather than meeting force with force.

Applying force reacts with force in kind. On the other hand,  you can be gentle and subtle using your powerful cortex to reset the messages to your muscles.

                            Want to move like an animal again?  

You can when you apply yourself easily by pandiculating your way to health. Many people have discovered this usingSomatics Exercises as the means to get move well again.

You can feel for yourself, if there's a more intelligent and easier way to be less of a stiff, rigid self.

Move Well... you may already know the alternative.









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